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Disasters of Horrendous Magnitude Before the End of the Century Predicted by Jakob Lorber

   Great civilizations come into being and then vanish again. Rarely, however, has a culture and civilization reached perfection as rapidly as in the industrial age. Science and technology cast their spell over everything and achieved things that were formerly undreamt of. Mankind was getting more and more caught up in an orgy of progress. The standard slogan used to meet all expressions of doubt has been. - Nothing must stand in the way of progress. Large sections of the population lost their religious faith and now unquestioningly put their whole faith in science. There was no longer any doubt but that man was capable of achieving anything.
    In earlier times, monarchs sometimes promised their peoples that they would lead them to great things. This role has now been assumed by futurologists.
    Developments became more and more breathtaking after the Second World War. Production curves and real income figures rose faster and faster, the latter faster than output. The labor market had been swept clean, and well over two million foreign workers were invited to come to the Federal Republic of Germany, to increase German prosperity still further. No one thought of the potential problems that might arise with development taken to such extremes. The population at large never doubted but that prosperity would continue to increase further and further. 'Unemployment' had become an out-of-date term. Party politicians kept promising even better times, disregarding the warnings given by renowned experts that there were signs of serious consequences for the environment. The young generation, become totally dependent on progress, had not the least recollection of the spirit of personal moderation that had prevailed in 1945. Mankind appeared to be approaching a kind of heaven on earth.
    A few years ago, therefore, the time would have been anything but right for making the disasters Jakob Lorber has predicted for mankind known to a wider public. The very prophesy of unemployment becoming a world-wide problem would have been enough for the prophet's disclosures to have been written off as totally unrealistic products of his imagination. Order books were full and a shortage of workers the order of the day. And how could a prophet speak of starvation when the shops were absolutely overflowing with goods and everything was on offer to satisfy all possible demands.
    But the scene was to change completely within just a few years. Suddenly, dark, threatening clouds appeared in the eternal blue skies of economic miracle land. Disturbing reports were also received from everywhere else in the world. But it came as a sudden roll of thunder when desert sheiks who, until then, had been paid little regard, started to turn off the oil taps in the autumn of 1973, and the millions living in the world's industrial countries came to realize that their existence did not have the solid foundations they thought it had. The numbers of unemployed and short-time workers increased at an alarming rate.
    Other problems also arose, though the public was not as yet fully aware of these: rapidly increasing environmental pollution and the dangers this brought, which could not yet be fully estimated. The reports made by scientists do not bode well for the future. This is a subject we shall have to discuss in more detail in this book, for scientific findings in this field are now also confirming Jakob Lorber's predictions, right down into detail.
    According to Lorber, mankind has now reached the Last Days, which will bring disasters of all kinds. Last Days should not be equated with the end of the world. As Lorber has said, the earth will still orbit the sun for millions of years, "With and without men". The great changes about to occur, however, will bring unimaginable tribulation, and lead to the end of the present technological age. Lorber did not, of course, express his own views, as has been made abundantly clear in the chapter entitled "Proof as to the Authenticity of Jakob Lorber's Prophesy". The words written in the Second Letter of Peter (1, 21), that "No prophesy ever came by the impulse of man, but the prophets were moved by the Holy Spirit and spoke in the name of God", also apply in the case of Jakob Lorber.
    Lorber's statements are of apocalyptic proportions and cause terror and dismay. The warnings and admonitions given to mankind in conjunction with these disclosures are therefore also most serious and impressive in their terseness, warning mankind not to continue on the path of theoretical and practical materialism. New Revelation leaves no doubt that the disasters, some of them already foreseeable at this point in time, originale in the spiritual realm. Blaise Pascal once said that the whole of war was immanent in every sin, and in the same way this applies to the failings of mankind, for they are conjuring up all kinds of disasters. "All the disasters in history occurred at the spiritual and moral level before they presented themselves in struggles for worldly power." (Reinhold Schneider)
    New Revelation says on the subject: "All the ills presently apparent in the world were not created by Me, but are the product of free will being misused by men. Being free they are able to do as they like, but they will also have to accept responsibility for the consequences' " (Pr 83)
    The Lord described conditions in the present industrial age to his disciples in the following words: "In those days people will in many ways go a very long way, being untiring in their researches and calculations beneath the widespread branches of the tree of knowledge, in many sciences and (technological) arts, and using all the forces that are in the nature of the earth and are at present still hidden from man, they will achieve marvels, and will also say: Look, that is God, for there is no other. These people's faith will be as good as nonexistent (Gr IX 89, 1-2) "Because of this there probably will be a complete absence of faith among the people in due course. . ." (Gr IX 89, 10)
    That time has now come. The 20th century is under the sign, in its final phase, both of technological perfection and of atheism. Technology, regarding all things possible, has become an evil spirit; placed in the service of demoniac powers, it becomes the destroyer of the environment. The philosophers of our age, representing existentialism and atheism, have put man in God's place, and millions have accepted their theories.
    The Last Days started with the two world wars, according to Lorber, true scourges for mankind. The terror systems under Stalin and Hitler also form part of the events predicted as bringing great tribulation. Lorber made the following prediction relating to this time: ". . . those in power will be using men as though they were animals and will coldbloodedly and without compunction have them slaughtered unless they submit to the will of the grandiose power, not saying a single word against it. The powerful will torment those poor human beings with all kinds of pressures, and will persecute and suppress any that show greater freedom of spirit, with every means at their disposal . . ." (Gr I 72, 2) "From now (Jesus' day) until then, a thousand and yet again not a whole thousand years shall pass." (Gr I 72, 3)
    In the genuine words of the prophet, Hitler's reign and fall is described as follows: First there is "separation and segregation on all sides . . ." (foreign papers and books being banned), then war of the pen" (propaganda), "then real war, with the sword...". "When this multifold war (world war) comes to be fought, a rule will be taken and everything measured, critically and mathematically, what a person may have and eat (clothing coupons, ration cards), what he may know, say and write" (monitoring of press and radio, listening to foreign broadcasts forbidden, and the words spoken by every individual under surveillance). "A circle will be drawn, and they will segregate themselves and consider themselves the most perfect of all." (The Germans as the master race, and within this again the smaller circle of party members). "That will be the circle." "I shall in secret take the liberty of putting an end to such a demented circle. How? - I know well how. That shall be the end of an excessively stupid affair for that race." "See how the polar bear from the north (Soviet Russia) is sharpening its teeth on the ice." "Their (the German prisoners' of war) fat shall truly melt away on the icy shores of Siberia." (Hi II, p. 302)
    Lorber also predicted the destruction by fire of German cities during the Second World War: "This time the whole of Europe shall be mightily chastised, particularly in the great industriacities." (Hi II, p. 308)
    "A great many cities shall also be purified with fire and with water." (Hi II, p. 79) (This prophesy may also refer to the future).
    "One nation wants to be greater than the other, one realm greater than the other. The arrogance of nations has exceeded all limits, and the vapors of hell ascended to the very heights of heaven." "And see, the time has come, revealed before your eyes: One nation moves against another. If you ask the reason I shall tell you: from pure arrogance." (Wiederk. 16)
    "A spiritual flood now covers the earth, just as a physical one did 4,000 years ago, in Noah's time. Noah's killed the flesh, this one, however, kills soul and body." (Wiederk. 65)

    "People will grow increasingly adept at increasing their selfseeking, greed and desire for power, and this will increase the darkness prevailing in their hearts and minds. As a result, even the worst of consequences will become inevitable." (Gr V 108, 4)
    "Men will only too often show complete disregard for all they well know to be good, right and true, mostly because of temporal interest, and will be seen to act in exactly the opposite way. This we are able to experience in all reality day after day, with hundreds of people, and it once again makes it clear that nothing whatsoever will endanger or limit man's freedom of will. And so it is indeed possible for men to make great inventions in the course of time, and begin to influence nature on earth to such an effect that in the end the earth will have to become utterly leaky. The consequences of this will of course be far from pleasant and shall show themselves to be the certain penalty for all forces wrongly used, yet not in any way intended by Me, but resulting from the will of man." (Gr V 109, 6)
    The phrase the prophet used, "The earth will have to become utterly leaky", concerns alarming events of world-wide significance, the extent of which will probably be clear to the reader only when he has taken note of the description to follow of the environmental pollution that is coming our way. The dangers are already life-threatening and are increasing at a frightening rate. The population knows only little as yet about these dangers. People do no usually take note of anything that does not directly concern them; and when it does come to concern them directly, e.g., with their child dying of cancer, they have no idea of how this has come about. From now on, however, time is marching ahead.

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