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Lorber Foretells Modern Technology

    Looking through the many volumes of New Revelation, anyone with knowledge of the subject will again and again find disclosures about things that have come to realization in modern science and technology.
    In volume V of Das Weltbild des Geistes (The World in the Eye of the Spirit), page 32, the following may be found, for instance: "If you put water, which is so compliant, under great pressure, you will obtain lumps of ice." In 1966, the Stuttgarter Zeitung, No. 187/1966 reported on the first experiment of this kind, using the most up-to-date physical apparatus to get the required high pressure. At a temperature of 400 C, ice was procured at a pressure of 200,000 atmospheres.
    Lorber also predicted radio telegraphy and airplanes crossing the oceans, though again in his own terminology. "I say to you that men will speak with the tongue of lightning, from one end of the world to the other, and they will fly around in the air like birds, far away across oceans and countries." (Gr V 46, 1) With regard to radio telegraphy, it should be noted that Maxwell predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves in 1867, three years after Lorber's death. Hertz discovered them in 1887. Marconi put them to practical use in 1896, telegraphing across the Atlantic in 1903.
    What Lorber had to communicate about the universe, atoms, prehistoric man and technological advances must have seemed utterly beyond belief even in the early decades of this century. In the meantime, however, there have been great changes. Yet for a long time, the following, stated in New Revelation, certainly held true: "The world will decry them (the authors of New Revelation) as deluded romancers, as was the case also with the prophets."
    If we were to look for a key phrase to characterize the works of New Revelation, perhaps the words uttered by Heraclitus (500 B.C.) may be appropriate: "Due to its unbelievable nature, the truth escapes being known." Today there can no longer be any doubt: New Revelation represents a tremendous incursion from the supernatural into the natural world, a divine revelation for 20th and 21st century man. This must hold true not only for the scientific content of New Revelation, but also for the other parts of the work, the principal message given. New Revelation is first and foremost a message of salvation for present-day mankind, who have become separated from God, living without faith and given up to material pleasures. The predictions made in the field of science undoubtedly have their reason and purpose, which is to convey to the people of our time, people used to a critical and sceptical approach, that the disclosures carrying the message of salvation must also be accepted as divine inspiration.

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