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New Revelation Interpretation of The Revelation to John

   Much scholarly work has been done to decipher the Revelation to John and also certain passages in the Gospel of Matthew that refer to the Last Days. New Revelation offers a great deal of illumination here. "No one has as yet found the right key that will open up the books of Holy Word." "For as long as man does not grasp the import, or the spiritual meaning of those words - known as correspondence or parallel-efforts will be made in vain to grasp the innermost meaning of My words." (Wiederk. 99) "In this Revelation to John you will find merely symbolic images. You will find the 'anger of God', the 'plagues' and several other terms the prophets themselves used on several occasion in those days, though they are not to be taken literally." "I, the God of Love, can wield neither anger, hatred nor revenge: for this is entirely impossible, although, being God, I could restore the proper order to everything at once, through sudden annihilation or moral pressure." (Wiederk. 100)
    "It emerges from this that all the books of the Old and New Testament contain many things that are not meant in the literal sense, but - in accord with the thinking at that time - nevertheless contain forever the great seed of the spiritual!' (Wiederk. 100 f.)
    "The trumpet calls for example are numerous parallele to moral and spiritual changes occurring in the human heart and mind, as soon as the two-edged sword of doubt intervenes, and the mistrust of unbelief wields its scourge." (Wiederk. 109)
    In the same way, New Revelation elucidates the passage relating to the Last Days in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, wrongly equated with the end of the world by the churches. "There is nothing more foolish you might think of than perhan a so-called crucifix being seen in the starry heavens." (Hi I, p. 337, 2) "The 'sign of the Son of Man' is the same in meaning a the love newly awakened in this 'church', with all its heavenly attributes, such as are compassion, patience, gentleness, humidity, devotion, obedience and acceptance of all the suffering of the cross. See, this is the living sign of the Son of Man that shall appear in the heaven of the inner, eternal life, and shall not kill but gave abundance of life." "'Heaven' should be regarded a the whole religious truth arising from the Word, and this is the 'church' in its genuine form." (Hi I p. 338, 8 and 9)
    The words "then all shall see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory" (Mt 24, 30) are also elucidated. They should be taken to mean "the living Word in the heart of man, or My eternal love in its fullness, and this is 'of power and great glory'. And 'the clouds of heaven' are infinite wisdom itself in this living Word. That, then, is the explanation in short of this passage." (Hi I. 338, 11) "You are in a time of great transition." (Wiederk. 71) "You will understand that the long period of shifting hither and thither must gave way to a point of decision, when it is determined who shall be victor and who vanquished. You are now approaching that time' " (Wiederk. 113)
    "When all spiritual and physical wars have ceased, then all will understand Me easily and also freely obey My commandments, that start with love of your neighbor and end with love for God ' " (Wiederk. 115)
    "Then there shall also be only one church, and one shepherd and one flock." (Wiederk. 115) "In the Revelation to John, this time bears the title 'the millennium' or 'the New Jerusalem'." (Wiederk. 114)
    The 'millennium' will, however, be preceded by the Last Days, the Judgement. "Most of what is said in the Revelation to John, being the crisis of development, has come to pass, the worst is still to come." "Be prepared for anything! It is not I, but man's animal nature, the unbelief artificially produced among men, their untrammelled greed for power and money that will also help to fill these scales of ire and fulfil the trumpet pictures." (Wiederk. 1 19)
    It should be noted that the 'millennium' that is to follow on the Last Days should not be seen as a period of one thousand years, according to New Revelation, but a time when "the spiritual has overcome the material world." (Wiederk. 114)
    It will be a time "when the schooling of the soul is paramount" and "hardness of soul can no longer occur, with the right of might completely disappearing." (Gr XI p. 150)
    "This kingdom has been presented for a long time in the spirit and in the hearts of good men." (Gr XI p. 326),

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