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Potents of the Last Days Beginning

   The disclosures made in New Revelation are not limited to the many kinds of environmental damage that "are making the earth leak", not to the epidemic diseases and to starvation, for Jakob Lorber's statements leave no doubt but that disasters of other kinds, like geological upheavals of unimaginable proportions, will shake the globe and cause fear and terror among men. In view of the disclosures which follow, the Last Days for mankind need to be discussed.
   Lorber speaks of a "general sifting of the men of the world, through fire and his missile, so that I myself shall then be able to set up quite a different plant nursery for true men on this earth, which shall then continue until the end of time." (Gr VI 150, 17)
    It is said on a number of occasions that the disastrous course of events will proceed in stages. "Towards the end of the indicated time I shall rouse even greater prophets, and with them, the judgements, too, shall increase in number and extent." (Gr VI 150,15)
    The time when the Last Days start is fairly accurately defined in two ways. lt is said that the steam engine will first be invented, that "shall pull the heaviest of wagons at the speed of an arrow shot in the air", and "ships at sea will stand up to every whirlwind..."
    "Soon after that time", it goes on, "it will begin to look very bad indeed for the life of men on earth." "Wars will come, great scarcities and starvation." (Gr III 33, 4) "One nation shall move against the other." (Gr VI 150, 15) (First and Second World War, Korean War, wars in Africa, in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and the Near East).
    Science and technology will reach tremendous heights, it is prophesied, but lead to loss of faith. "The natural worldly sense of such wise men all too soon corrupts many thousands of people, because of its power of attraction." (Gr VII 181, 16)
    One of the signs that the Last Days are impending were the dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler. (Gr I 72, 2) Finally, reference is made to the enormous armaments race all over the world today.... "the Holy Spirit never works in the setting up of great forces of war... Such a mode of action which goes against his aims will then also always be followed by a powerful judgement - " (Schritt. p. 61)
    Jesus told the apostles the time of the great judgements as follows: "Until then, a thousand years shall pass and yet again not a full thousand years."
    A further criterion Jesus gave for the Last Days was the decline of the Catholic Church. He said that "a self-seeking falsification of the world given by revelation" was to come. (Gr VI 149, 13) Confessional strife continuing for centuries would lead to "discord and contention" and "each would pretend that he was teaching the full and real truth" . The teachings of Jesus would be altered, "the bones of it, however, will remain." (Gr X 152, 10-11) "... the followers will soon fall away in great numbers (from the Catholic Church). (Gr VI 151, 12) "Put your hand on the old, tired heart of the church, and indeed you would have to be more blind than the center of the earth not to be able to count on your fingers the hour of the great day which has been reached." (Hi I, p. 308, 13)
    "Do not, however, concern yourselves as to what is then to become of My teaching as time goes on, for I alone know all the things that are to happen in this world." (Gr VI 151, 13) "My spirit, that is the spirit of truth, will come to life among the peoples who are much oppressed, the sun of (spiritual) life will begin to shine forth mightily." (Gr IX 40, 2) "... In those days My teaching shall not be veiled before men, but it shall be given to them wholly unveiled as regards its heavenly and spiritual meaning (New Revelation), and that shall be the New Jerusalem, that is to come down to earth from the heavens." (Gr IX 90,2)

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