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New Revelation on the Right Form of Prayer

   In Matthew's Gospel (5-8), Jesus gave clear instructions on prayer. "Whenever you pray, go to your own room, lock the door, and pray to your Father, who is in secret. And do not mouth empty words when you pray, the way the Gentiles do. They believe they will be heard if they use many words. Do not do as they do."
    What has become of these instructions given by Jesus? The Catholic Church has literally turned them inside out. That is also why the above verses from Matthew's Gospel will never be heard in a sermon or read in a church magazine. Where does it say that it makes no difference at all where you pray? People who go on pilgrimages are for obvious reasons allowed to remain in ignorance on this point.
    What New Revelation has to say about prayer is extremely lucid. "God is a spirit, and those who pray to Him must pray to Him in the spirit and in truth. This needs neither mountain nor temple, but merely a heart that is as pure as possible, full of love and humility." (Gr I 24, 13-14) "A person who loves God with such a heart is a true worshipper of God the Father, and the Father will always hear his prayer and not consider the place, which is no matter, be it a mountain (Garizim) or Jerusalem, for the earth is God's everywhere, and He will consider only the heart of each person." (Gr I 24, 15)
    "When you pray, do not pray like the pagans and the Pharisees with your lips, using words formed by the tongue of flesh, but pray, as I have told you, in the spirit and in truth, with life-filled works and acts of love for your neighbor, then every word spoken in My name will be in truth a prayer and I shall always hear it, the sighs from your lips, however, I shall never hear." (Gr III 209, 4)
    Jesus to his disciples: "UnhappiIy, there are and always will be many such fools among the Jews who worship God with long prayers spoken with their lips and believe that this is true worship and that God takes pleasure in it, particularly when such prattling of lips is accompanied by ceremonies of all kinds.' (Gr IX 37, 9)
    "A mouth speaking praise and lips giving thanks are of no value to God." "The principal prayer is for a humble heart to remain humble and loving its neighbor indeed more than itself, and God, the only true Father of all men and angels, above all." (Gr III 207, 12)
    "It is written that man shall pray without ceasing, lest he fall into temptation; yet what a daft and really stupid thing would it be for God to demand that man's lips are constantly in prayer." "By being constantly active with your feet, eyes, ears and lips, and all the time loving God and your poor neighbors, you are truly and indeed unceasingly praying to God. . ." (Gr II 111, 9)
    "Your love for me and your brothers shall at all times be the first and foremost prayer." (Hi I 165, 14)
   "People do pray and ask with their lips for and about all kinds of things that seem right and proper to them, but their hearts are not with Me, but merely with whatever they are praying for and asking." (Hi II 357, 4)
    "Don't come to Me for purely worldly things, for I am not going to give you this soul-destroying poison, even if you were to ask Me for years. It is My concern to make you utterly free of the whole world, not to bind you to it even more powerfully." (Gr VI 122, 2)
    "Whenever you are in trouble and oppressed, ask by using your natural language to me, and you shall not ask in vain. And when you do have something to ask, don't make long speeches, and certainly no ceremony, but ask very quietly in the love you find in your heart." (Gr X 32, 4-5)
   "How unrightful it is for men to evade Me and look for help to those who have nothing that comes from themselves (the saints), but everything only from Me. (Hi I 380, 12)
    "Does it not say in the gospels: 'Come to Me, all who are troubIed and burdened, I will revive you?" (Hi I 380, 15)
    "You must realize that a monarch like Myself certainly needs no mediator, for: I am Myself everything in everything." (Hi 1 385, 45)
   "The pagans also make far pilgrimages to their special and out of the ordinary images of gods that confer merit..." "Anyone wishing to have Me hear their fair request, should make a pilgrimage in his heart and in the utter quiet of this put his request to me, in wholly natural and unvarnished terms, and I shall hear him." (Gr VI 123, 10-11)
    "How should you pray for the dead?" Impart to them the gospel, in faith and from the deepest foundations of the love in your hearts, in your hearts, therefore; and they will hear it and also take direction from it..."
    "All other prayers are not the least use to a soul that has departed." (Gr VIII 38, 4-5)

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