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The Triune Nature of God. The Mystery Explained

   The mystery of Father, Son and Holy Spirit has caused many a headache to Christians. Jesus therefore had good reason for saying to his disciples: "If you cannot grasp earthly things, how are you to comprehend those of heaven?" (Gr II 32, 6)
    Peter asked the Lord to explain again and again. And Jesus did give his apostles many illuminating insights into the mystery, and these were imparted to the prophet Jakob Lorber in the 19th contury, to be recorded in writing and later disseminated.
    Peter asked the Lord: "You are always speaking of the Father in Heaven as though of another person. Yet very much in secret by ourselves we have until now always also thought you to be the Father. Who, then, are you?" (Gr I 109, 14)
    Jesus gave the following reply to the disciples: "God's original wisdom, or the actual innermost essence of God is within Love, just as light is within the heat (of the flame); just as originally Love let tremendous warmth or heat arise and come forth, and this warmth by its existence again produced warmth, and this always light again, so Love, being like to the Father and in its innermost core the Father Hamself, gives rise to the light of divine wisdom, which is like to the Son or is the actual Son Himself, who, however, is not a second part, but is wholly one with that which is called 'Father', just as light and heat or heat and light are one, in that heat is constantly generating light, and light also heat." (Gr I 4, 13) "Does not light come from the flame which is a fire? And since it is coming from a flame, does this make it something different from the bright flame? (Gr II 32, 7)
    "Look at the flame of this light-giving lamp! Can you separate the light from the flame, or the flame from the light? The flame, however, is what I call 'Father' and 'Love', and the light its Son, sent forth by the flame to lighten the darkness of night. Are not the flame and its light one and the same? (Gr VIII 138, 11)
    "Believe me, Father and Son are not two, but are utterly one in everything." (Gr I 230, 9)
    "And how about the Holy Spirit?" Peter asked. "None of us know how to take the Holy Spirit." (Gr VI 229, 6-7) The Lord replied as follows:
    "The Father, I as the Son, and the Holy Spirit are indistinguishable one and the same in all eternity. The Father in Me is eternal Love and as such the very foundation and true original substance of all things, filling the whole of infinity. I as the Son am the Light and the Wisdom arising from the fire of eternal Love. This tremendous light is the forever most perfect selfawareness and the brightest self-knowledge of God, and the everlasting Word in God through which everything that exists has been made. Yet in order that it all can be made, there also has to be the most powerfull will of God, and that is the Holy Spirit in God, through which the works and beings come into full existence. The Holy Spirit is the great Word 'Become!' ('and there shall be') which is uttered - and what the Love and Wisdom of God have decided, (now) is in being.
    "And see, all this is now here, in Me: the love, the wisdom and all power! And so there is only one God, and I am that God, and I have assumed a body on this earth only in order to be able to reveal Myself more clearly to you people of this earth, whom I have created wholly in My image from the original substance of My love, in your personal individuality - witch now indeed is the case." (Gr VI 230, 2-6)
    "Do not take offence at the text, where it says: 'The Father is more than the Son', for it means that Love as the Father is in itself the fundamental nature of God, and from it arise for ever and ever the Light and the eternally powerful Spirit." (GS I 74, 17)
    "Many things still lie hidden in Love and no wisdom has fathomed it, and therefore the Father, being eternal Love, is greater than the Son who is here before you (the disciples, author) as the Light of that Love." (Gr VI 242, 13) "But soon the hour will come (of the Resurrection, author) when the Father in Me will also with His innermost essence become wholly one with Me, the only Son, in eternity . .." (Gr IV 252, 4)
   "Do not think that a divine Trinity of Persons was revealed at the baptism in the river Jordan; what happened there was merely a seemingness, permitted by the Lord, that men should recognize in the one Lord the whole power and the whole Divinity." (GS I 51, 21 f.)

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