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Further Development of the Soul in the Next World

   The Catholic Church teaches that the destiny of man is decided in his life on earth and that, after death, heaven or hell is waiting for the soul. A change in the status of the soul at the moment of death - a state of grace or of mortal sin - is said to be impossible in the next world after death. (Coll. Lac. VII. 517, 550, 564, 567. Decision of the Holy Office, against the theosophists, on 18th July 1919 A.D. 2189). This doctrine is clearly refuted in New Revelation. The soul is able to develop further also in the next world, for good or ill. It is made very clear, however, that an omission in life on earth can only be made up for in the next life by very much greater effort, strain, and enormous loss of time. New Revelation has the following to say on this point: "Innumerably many angels proclaim My gospel to the souls of the dead. Those who hear, accept and follow it will also attain to the blessed state, though not as easily as on this earth, where man often has to go through very difficult struggles with the world, with his flesh and with many other things - though only of short duration - with all the patience, self-denial, meekness and humility he can muster." (Gr X 2, 5)
    The gospel is preached in the other world, as mentioned; "Be, however, most diligent when on earth", it says in New Revelation, "for the right state of being a Child of God, for My innermost and most pure heaven of love, can only be achieved from earth. For the first and second heaven, provision can still be made in the next world." (Gr IV 247, 9)
    "It depends on the state of inner morality in which the soul left its body. lf this is in accord with the good laws that exist, the state of the soul in the next world will surely also be such, and from this the soul will be able immediately to take its place at a higher level of perfeclion of free life, and progress to a higher level." (Gr V 225, 9) The facial features also change as development progresses, "They grow younger and attain greater nobility." (BM 30, 2)
    In most cases further development will proceed "somewhat slowly, but that does not matter, for there can be no question ever of a soul being wholly lost ... And even if due to very great indifference it may have been completely swallowed up by the opposite pole - which indeed would be a very bad thing - yet after time has run its cycle this soul will have to put up with being put through yet another trial of the flesh, on this earth or also on another, for there are innumerable ones in infinite space, - without knowing or even having an inkling that it has already once before gone through a trial of the flesh. Nor would such knowledge serve it, as it would merely cause the soul to relapse again into its original evil ways and so the second trial of life would be purely in vain and to no purpose." (Gr V 232, 2)
    In the great beyond, everything is harder and more troublesome than on earth, and for very many souls who have sunk too deep, away from My ordinance, it will take a length of time that in your terms is beyond imagining, until they shall have found the way to My eternal and unchanging order." (Gr X 113, 2)
    "A soul that has already become pure out of its own better nature will of course progress quickly and easily." "Yet what will be the fate of a soul in that other world who does not have half or a quarter the way of My ordinance and therefore also will not be able to find one? You see, that already is hell itself." (Gr X 113, 6-7)
    "Thus each in his failings and worldly ways will in time to come find his very own cross that will cause him much trouble in the world of the spirit, unless he has wholly or completely victoriously overcome it in this world, with indeed very much less effort." (Hi II p. 221, 6)
    "Truly, I tell you: Here one hour counts more than a thousand years do there. Inscribe these words deeply in your heart!" (Gr VI 13, 10)
    "Those on the other hand who never are in a position to learn something of my teachings while in this world, will be given guides on the other side who shall lead them to the bridge that lies between this material world and the world of the spirit over there. If they follow their guides, they shall also cross this bridge to enter into true life. If, however, they stubbornly adhere to their teaching, they shall be judged for their conduct of life according to their teaching as mere creatures, and shall not attain to being Children of God." (Gr I 42, 12) "Therefore do not concern yourselves over those who now and in later times will not be able to learn of Me, for My Father knows them all and has not called a single one of them into existence for their eternal perdition, but to eternal resurrection, out of his love and wisdom." (Gr XI p. 245)
    lt is different for the souls of people from the civilized world who have known the teaching of Jesus: "I shall not judge them in person, but the eternal truth, that is also within them, and which they are exceedingly hostile to, will judge them and put them to flight in My presence." (Gr X 154, 9) "But even for such souls that have condemned themselves, I have told you (the apostles) two comforting things, firstly in the parable of the Prodigal Son and then in what I have told you, that in My Father's House there are many dwelling places and to express Myself more clearly - very many houses of teaching and correction, where even the human devils who on earth are the most depraved, can be taught and made to mend their ways." (Gr X 154, 10)
    Minds capable of deeper insight have always known, from intuitive vision, that God's mercy is greater than churchmen are ready to admit. "For Goethe, for instance, the cosmos created by God is a vast place where a world of spirits are schooled, among them also the souls of men who have died." 13
    "Where then is this day of judgement described as so terrible in concert with My teaching, according to which scarcely a decillionth of men would attain to heaven, the others going to hell for ever and ever?" (Gr XI p. 245)
    The bishops of antiquity falsified the Gospels (Gr XI p. 246), and in the 4th century Augustine established the dogma that "by far the greater majority of all men will go to eternal perdition (Non omnes, sed multo plures non fiunt salvi; Enchiridon ad Laurentium, c 97), including all heathens who have led a virtuous life, and in consequence, the teaching of a merciful heavenly father has been perverted. This, the Lord said to Lorber, "was in many ways the reason why very many people have completely turned away from My teaching." (Gr XI p. 243)
   The consequences of this perversion of the gospel message are becoming more evident day by day. "The final authority of the Christian faith," the Catholic theologians Professor Karl Heinz Ohlig and Heinz Schuster have written, "cannot lie in a human institution or in the authority of an office upheld by a human person (teaching profession, hierarchy), but solely in that 'auctor' (originator, ground) of Christian hope: in Christ Jesus." 14

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