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Lorber's 1864 Description of Pre-Adamite Men (The Hominids)

   Over the last hundred years or so, evidence has emerged from fossil records that a long time ago there existed prehistoric and early man.
    Jakob Lorber, following dictation, described prehistoric and early man over a hundred years ago, in 1864. He referred to "pre-men", "animal men" and "pre-Adamites." This has already been mentioned in the first part of this book. The hominids - creatures similar to man - were fundamentally different from Adam and his descendants. They did not have the spark of the divine spirit. They thus were at the level of the animals, though somewhat superior in intellect. No evolutional transition from the hominids to Homo sapiens, about 4,000 B.C., can be demonstrated. An abrupt change occurred at this time.
    The hominids were quite unable to invent writing, found states, issue laws, build huge pyramids and temples, etc. All this made its appearance quite suddenly, following the creation of Adam. The spark of divine spirit was there in man, and the earth became transformed. (For further details, see the chapter on the theory of evolution.)
    "Man (Homo sapiens) is on this earth for two reasons, having to unite these within himself as one who is in the middle. Firstly, as the keystone in external, physical creation, where he is praised and named as the crown of creation, and secondly, as the starting point for the purely spiritual world, which in him has achieved the first stage of perfectly free self-knowledge." "All that is in being, from the smallest creature upwards, forms an aacending sequence of steps, to the effect that one step always complements the other, offering greater perfections, and therefore also is always able to develop greater intelligence." (Gr XI 9, 8 and 9)
    "Everything in the universe (finally) has to become spirit, has to move upwards." (Pr 186)

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