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Adam's Fall. The New Revelation Explanation of the Images Presented in the Old Testament


    "See, Adam, I made time, so that your testing period shall be short and the life won in your struggles everlasting." "You do not have to struggle against any outside power, only with yourself, and I have made all subject to you." "The worm, however, is your evil part, at its very base, and bears within it the sting of death, therefore do not bit into the worm's sting." (Ha I 40, 33 and 35)
   "See now, you are learning everything, you know everything and are able to make use of it, except for one thing, and this last thing I shall now teach you, and place in you the power to reproduce your kind. But you shall only make use of this when I return to find you robed in the garment of obedience, of humility, of faithfulness and of rightful innocence. Woe to you, however, if I am to find you naked (i.e., without the virtues demanded). I shall cast you out, and death shall be the outcome." (Ha I 7, 15)
   Occasionally, theologians are already interpreting the "bite taken of the apple" in the same way as New Revelation explains the allegorical Old Testament presentation. But even today one is surprised to find the oddest and weirdest possible theories on the subject in the literature. 10 Genesis (3, 1) actually makes no mention of an apple. This is a version introduced by medieval monks, in their paradise plays. Genesis says: "You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, and indeed not even touch it." "Then the woman saw that the tree was good for food and a sensual pleasure (!) to the eyes.." This passage gives a hint of what the allegory of a "tree in the middle of the garden" (the middle of the body) represents.
   Jakob Boehme aptly wrote, with reference to the Fall: "Adam lost the virgin and instead gained a wife."
   New Revelation further says: "For a time, this went quite well, but only too soon sensual desire, taking the form of a serpent, the symbol established by Moses, prevailed over the knowledge of the true and the good given by divine revelation, and the first man and woman broke the commandment, to learn what this would bring. And see, what this first man and woman did now almost all men and women are doing:' (Gr VII 121, 9)
   "Adam took the fruit of Eve's womb with voluptuous desire, was no longer true to his love (for God) and enjoyed the forbidden fruit of Eve's womb with voluptuous desire; and in pleasuring thus saw himself to be the first to have been lost (Lucifer), due to the great vanity of his blind self seeking..."' (Ha I 8, 11)
   "When it says in the scriptures that Satan took on the form of a serpent and seduced the first man and woman, this serves to say: The first man and woman, well knowing God and His will, let themselves be corrupted by the charms of the material world, and the desire and voice of their flesh, which had been judged, said: 'Let us see what becomes of it, if for once we act against the will of God which is well recognized: " (Gr VIII 34, 13)
   "They realized very well thereupon that ineluctable judgement and death are inherent in their flesh, death who, as the love of the world increases, is able to bury also the free soul in his judgement court and his unfreedom, and they then also lost the pure paradise that had consisted in their soul and their spirit being wholly one. They were unable to find this again entirely out of themselves, for their soul had felt the sting of matter and then had much to do to keep itself as free as possible above the judgement that was the created necessity, as is now the case for all men - and I have come into this world now to show the true path of life to mankind again, and restore to them through my teaching the paradise they lost." (Gr VIII 34, 15)
   God said: "... I have counted the drops of Adam's repentance and those of Eve's sorrow and have taken pity, because of love's great compassion." "... they shall keep the commandments of love and compassion to the end of their lives; I shall then send them a mediator between Myself and them, at a time I shall determine, to remove the great debt and relieve the great, heavy burden of their disobedience." (Ha I 9, 25 and 27)
   Adam and Eve later again aroused God's wrath, according to New Revelation, in that Adam forgot God's sabbath and the parents and their thirty children took drink and became inebriated, committing the most dreadful sexual sins (Ha I 13, 13).
   It was at this point that Adam was told: "You have lost paradise for yourself and all your descendants until the great season of seasons." (Ha I 13, 23)
   The expulsion of the first man and woman from paradise by an angel with a flaming sword is clothing the facts in myth.
   New Revelation explains it like this: "Do you think in all seriousness that God had Adam driven from paradise by an angel who held a flaming sword in his right hand to drive them out with? I tell you, it may have been made to appear like this to Adam, but it merely represents what really went on in his own heart, and is part of the process of his guidance, for the founding of the first religion and original church among men on earth." (Gr IV 143, 2)
   When Cain was born, the progenitors were told by an angel: "This fruit is no longer a sin to you (Cain was the fruit of forbidden and unblessed procreation), but it is indeed the consequence of your threefold disobedience towards God and is the death of your flesh, the death you have created in your flesh through your desire, in self seeking." "The fruit you shall call 'Cahin' or the 'Bringer of Death'." (Ha I 11, 9)
   Adam's fall consists in 'desires and self seeking', as stated above. The true state of paradise consisted in 'the soul being their soul and their spirit being wholly one'. Desire and self- seeking make this state impossible. Further details of this are given in the chapter entitled "Man's Goal and Mission". Desires and self-seeking are the actual evil in original sin. New Revelation has the following to say on this: "... to get rid of the old Adamite sin, that can be done in no other way but this: the cares of the world (and desires) must be thrown overboard by the soul acting in freedom, there is no other way! But if they are got rid of, then everything in man returns to the old divine order of God. And see, it is this which is rightly called 'original sin'. Basically, it is obviously the flesh which duly and properly is called original sin; understood in spiritual terms, however, the constant care for the flesh (and the little care given to the soul) is the sin of Adam and all his descendants that is so hard to eradicate." (Gr II 226, 10)

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