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The True Nature of Paradise

   Church people often have rather quaint ideas as to the nature of paradise. New Revelation gives a lucid and perfectly prosaic description of conditions of life for the first man and woman in paradise.
    "Earth did not anywhere have a physical paradise where the fish would come to hand ready fried; they had to be caught first and cooked, before they were eaten in moderation. But if man set about and gathered the fruit the earth bore for him, and created a store of them for himself, then any part of the earth cultivated by man was a true earthly paradise. For what would have become of man and his spiritual development if he had been in a paradise of idleness and gluttony, with nothing to care for and to concern himself about." (Gr IV 142, 4 and 5) (The favorable climatic conditions developing about 4,000 B.C., when the last ice age had passed, will be discussed in more detail in the chapter on the theory of evolution).
    "It is self-evident that God and the angels knew well and understood how to let the first man and woman grow and develop in one of the most fruitful regions of the world." "When Adam and his wife and his sons perceived that something to eat could be found almost everywhere on earth, they began to travel quite long distances. Guided in secret by the Spirit of God, they returned to their first Eden and remained there, and from there then arose the population of the whole earth." (Gr IV 142, 8-13) Life in paradise was not quite as pleasant as some may think.
    Adam and Eve were naked. "Spring, summer and autumss were warm and they were able to manage in their bare skin, but in winter they began to feel the cold very much." They started to "cover" their bodies "with all kinds of leaves from the trees." (That is, not only after the Fall). "When the first man on this earth had spent his first winter in the cave up in the hills that form the border of the Promised Land, of which Galilee also forms part (the Golan Heights), he found Leisure, with his wife, to look deep within himself." (Gr IV 142, 9)

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