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God Creating Adam. The Error in the Theory of Evolution

   Those propagating the theory of evolution maintain, without proof, that man is descended in his physical nature from animals. New Revelation on the other hand makes it clear beyond doubt that God created Adam. (A later chapter will discuss the fact that the theory of evolution in the form evolutionism, denying the existence of God, is untenable. Dealing with this theory is a matter of vital significance in any vindication of Christianity)
    In New Revelation, the creation of Adam and his fall are described as foIlows: "Love eternal ... with the hand of its power, its authority according to the number of its ordinance, formed the first man, blowing the breath of life into his nostrils. And the breath became his living soul, and the soul filled the whole of the man who was not created according to the number of the ordinance out of which the spirits had been made and the universes were made in the spaces, and the earth and all that is upon her, and the moon and the sun." (Ha I 7, 7)
    "With regard to his body, Adam was created and formed from the ethereal elements of earthly clay in its subtle form, through My will and according to the given order, which I have now shown to you' " (Gr IV 162, 4)
    "If Adam had obeyed the positive law, mankind, or the perfect soul of man, would not have come to the very hard, heavy and frail body of flesh that now is subject to many ills and defects. But disobedience towards the law has of necessity set man on a long roundabout way where he will find it much harder to reach his goal and do so much later." (Gr II 224, 6-7) "And mark this well: this Adam was in the place of the first of the fallen spirits (Lucifer). It was not made known to him, however, who he was. And see, he experienced boredom, as he did not know himself and was not able to find anything that was alike to him." (Ha I 7, 9)
    The creation of Eve from a 'rib' of Adam is explained as follows in New Revelation: "The rib is merely a symbol for something; that something is Adam's inner, powerful living love." "Eve has arisen from the superabundance of this external life of Adam, where her delicate physical nature is concerned, and as this life ether rises like a vapor from the region of the ribs and the area of the chest and after this surrounds man all around and to a distance, Moses, being fully conversant with the imagery belonging to this, quite rightly had Eve arise from Adam's rib." (Gr IV 162, 11)
    There are a number of passages in New Revelation where more than a hundred years ago, at a time when the churches still absolutely insisted that the words of the Old Testament were to be taken literaIIy, it is said clearly and unequivocally that Moses' account of the creation in the Book of Genesis "can only be understood and grasped by taking the path of inner spiritual correspondences." (Gr IV 142, 2)
    Some works refer to man having been androgynous in the past, and this is confirmed as being true with regard to the soul and body and Adam and Eve.* "When the first man and woman were created, one soul became two. For it does not say that the creator also blew living breath into Eve's nostrils, but that Eve came forth body and soul from Adam, and into this second soul, too, an immortal spirit was placed, and so one human being and one soul became two, and were yet one flesh and one soul." (EM p. 150)
    "The spirit, however, is not divisible, and where it has been pleced in a great or a small soul, as a single entity, it also remains such an entity. However great the soul of Lucifer might once have been, no more than one spirit could dwell in it" (EM p. 151)
    New Revelation also makes it very clear that "In the beginning only a single man and woman were placed upon the earth". "I can only say to this, that of the human beings who are called upon to become the Children of God, only one pair, Adam and Eve, were placed upon the earth. With this man and woman spiritual guidance was initiated by heaven and has been continued to this very hour.
    "It is, however, quite true and definite that beings resembling man existed also long before Adam, and such beings are still on earth today. But there is a very great difference between them and men who are truly free (since Adam).
    "A true man is able to develop himself to become wholly like to God, and come to know God and his works through and through, compare them, judge them, and understand their purpose. But that animal man (prehistoric and early man) will never be capable of this." (Gr VII 221, 4-6)
    "This first man and woman were endowed with all faculties by God. They had deep insight, a very clear intellect, and a most powerful free will before which all other creatures (including predatory beasts, for example,) had to bow down." (Gr VII 121, 7)
    Remarkably, New Revelation confirms the monogenism of Pope Pius XII. Basing himself on Acts 17, 26, the Pope had declared that in Catholic dogma, the human race was descended from one man and one woman. Yet even at conferences held at Catholic academies Catholic scholars are today expressing the view that the Bible gave no indication of numerical limitation to the "first father and mother". This is incorrect at least in so far as it says in Acts 17, 26: "And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth." 9 Unfortunately quite a number of Catholic scholars have capitulated in the face of the unproven theses of evelutionalists, when there was no need to capitulate.

*Androgynous: being both male and female.

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