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The Devils

   New Revelation distinguishes between Satan and the Devils. "The only one who wanted to brazenly confront me is none other than Lucifer or Satan, long since driven out by me, who, as personified evil, is the polar opposite of My own Self. Only this evil one, this most evil of his own will, has been driven to outermost darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, or - in other words - where he may endure, left to the darkness of his own heart and mind, until a change occurs within him that makes a return possible."* (Pr 286) "Satan represents in his person the kind of men on your earth who are well aware of what is noble and good, but of their own will both love and do evil." "Such endeavor is devilish by nature, because the inclination to love, which I have made part of all spirits and beings, has turned towards the bad rather than the good." (Pr 286)
    "Satan is not permitted to show himself, and his whispered temptations are easily recognized by anyone, as they make the soul hard-hearted, unchaste, adulterous, self-seeking, lusting for power, perjurious, avaricious, lacking in all compassion, indifferent to all that is true and divine, without feeling for the poor and the suffering, and greedy for all the pleasures of the world. Man is always able to stand up freely to Satan, for Satan is able to act only upon the senses of the soul, never on its will." (Gr I 217, 4)
    "There is still a tremendous power in Satan, a power that can be held down only by the heaviest bonds that I alone, as the Lord, am able to forge." (EM, p. 157) "Satan ... has in himself become impotent. Yet the other forces that have been overcome within him still are not wholly quiescent, but are in continuous activity, and because of this are like independent personifications." (Gr II 229, 12)
    "So far as has been at all possible, the power of will was taken from him. You therefore need no longer fear him in the least, but merely beware of his cunning wiles. These, however, have no power in themselves, but are impotent." (Ha II 158, 17, 21 f.) "The enemy of life cannot and must not approach any person, and therefore also cannot enthrall any with his evil crafts. But when a person allows himself to be enthralled, out of his own heart, becoming subject to pride, lust for power, the things of the flesh, worldly pleasures and love of self, he is after all approaching the enemy of life of his own accord, thus becoming an enemy of life himself." (Ha Il 158).
    Jesus taught that Satan "shall not approach any man", yet during the Middle Ages, Thomas Aquinas, the greatest theologian of the Roman Catholic church, introduced the view that Satan could have sexual intercourse with women and with girls; this absurd idea was to be responsible for many women accused of witchery dying an agonizing death in times to come. Where Satan and his profound fall are concerned, Catholic and other churchmen held widely different and often highly curious views. Justin, one of the Church Fathers, believed that the fall of Lucifer occurred only when Lucifer seduced Eve in Paradise. (Dialogue with Tryphon the Jew, 124, 3) Tertullian wrote: "The devil was consumed with intolerance when perceiving that the Lord had made all creatures subject to the one created in his own image, man" (De Patientia V). The same view was held by St. Cyprian and St. Gregory of Nyssa (Discorso Cutecheto). Only Origen, the visionary, whose teachings were condemned by the church, conceived the reason for the fall to be envy and pride and rebellion against God - as does New Revelation.
    The other devils - and with them hell - only arose when Adamites (descendants of Adam), endowed with spirit, plunged into evil. Spiritual entities that had existed prior to the creation of the universe, and this includes those that fell with Lucifer, were not devils, but were imprisoned in matter, as already described, and are waiting to be released from matter, which is a long road. New Revelation says the following on the subject: "As this spirit was not satisfied with this, but instead of mending his ways, as promised, kept intervening more and more seriously in the divine order, he was driven into close confinement. Yet it had already come about at that time that a great number of spirits who were of the same mind had developed from the human race. And he then acted through these his angels; for a diabolos or devil is nothing but a spirit raised and trained in the school of Satan.
    "This should not be taken to mean that such spirits had in actual fact been trained in a school of Satan, it is rather that they developed of their own accord, due to the specifics they took up into themselves from the bonds of this spirit. These spirits, having also something fundamentally evil within them, are called 'devils', meaning 'disciples of Satan', but yet differ enormously from Satan; in them, only the soul sphere is of like nature with the evil spirit, while their spirit, although held fast, is nevertheless pure. The spirit of Satan on the other hand is the truly evil element. Therefore it can and will come about that all devils are saved, before Satan is forced within himself to undertake the great journey to his eternal downfall." (EM, p. 160)
    "There are in fact no archdevils originally created of the kind you do imagine, and yet the whole of the physical world is in its primal element wholly like an archdevil of original creation, and it therefore is one and the same thing if we say we are tempted by the world, or the material desires of the flesh, or that we are tempted by the one archdevil or the other. When a person allows himself to be imprisoned too far in the world and the flesh, then this person's soul, too, is a personified devil, continuing after the death of the body to live on in constant union with the wicked, as yet immature, spirits of matter." (Gr IX 134,7)
    Further it is said: "In the whole world of nature and spirits, there are no 'original devils', but only such as have at an earlier time lived in the world as irredeemable, evil and depraved men...' (Gr V 97, 5) "There are personal devils right here, still walking in the flesh, and many times more in the great beyond, who are also now and for ever endeavoring to have an evil influence on this world, on the one hand through the rude spirits of nature who still dwell in all kinds of matter to achieve their destined maturity, and on the other also directly through certain secret whisperings, enticements and incitements. They are only too well aware of the different weaknesses and potential weaknesses in men, take hold of these and fan them into burning passions." "Before there were men on any body in the universe, there also were no personal devils there, merely immature spirits in all the material parts of a heavenly body that had been judged. Everything you perceive with your senses is part of the world of matter. But this, too, you may assume, that no other body in the universe holds worse and more evil devils than there are indeed upon and within this earth." (Gr VIII 35, 11-17) Yet when Job was put through his trials - as it says in the Old Testament, "Who then was that Satan who beset him so greatly? lt was the condemned spirit of his (Job's) flesh, i.e., its various desires." (Gr VIII 34, 21)
    "The temptations coming from the devils are far less important than you in your foolish faith believe. The real devil is man with his worldly lusts. From these arise self-love - thut is, one devil - the hankering after the good life - a second devil seeking honors, pride, lust for power, anger, revenge, envy, avarice, arrogance, whoredom and disregard for one's fellow man - all these are devils of our very own making. Therefore you should not have such great fear of the devil. . ." (Gr VI 10,12)
    "But why is Satan also called the Prince of Darkness and of Falsehood? Because all physical matter is not what it appears to be, and if you in love take but its semblance and let it imprison you, then you will clearly also be in the kingdom of falsehood and - where truth is concerned - in darkness."
    "If a man for instance loves too much the so-called treasures belonging to the kingdom of dead matter (worldly goods), thinking and esteeming them to be what they seem and not what they are in truth, then he is immediately in the sphere of falsehood, because his love, the very foundation of his life, has become immersed in it totally, as though blind to all else, and will find it extremely difficult to rise upwards again from such darkness to the light of the full truth."
    "When men came to heed and esteem matter in due time, because of its splendor, they came under its jurisdiction, grew blind and hard in spirit, covetous, avaricious, deceitful, quarrelsome, lying, proud, evil and seeking war and conquest, and with this found false gods and heathenish ways, and this is also hell in its true sense, from which they cannot be redeemed without Me. Therefore I Myself had to put on matter, and with it judgement, and have to break through this, so that I shall become the gate to life eternal for all who are fallen, when they are willing to enter into life eternal through this gate. Therefore, I am also the door to life, and life itself. Any who do not enter through me will not attain to life in the light of eternal truth and of freedom, but remain imprisoned in the judgement court of matter." (Gr VIII 35, 5, 6, 9 and 10)

*Herbert Haag, the Roman Catholic Professor of Theologyo is wrong when he says: "The dogma of sinning and fallen angels is based on myth." And it is incomprehensible how he can say, later in the same article: "The idea that God himself created devils is one it is impossible to follow." (Deutsche Zeitung, 5 January 1973). God created spirits that were endowed with free will and were able to decide for good or evil.

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