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The Creation of the Universe in Consequence of the Fall of Lucifer

   "For this, then, the material world or the whole universe, or the man of material creation, was instituted. In him, the spirits were enveloped (clothed) in matter according to the degree of their ill-wiII, exposed to struggles, temptations and suffering; in the first place, to get them little by little to recognize their own faults, through the conditions having their influence on them, and secondly, in this way themselves to bring about their return, of their own free will." "... Everywhere the principle of freedom is established as the first, and the principle of perfection as the second." (SGh p. 91 f.)
    "The whole of the earth made solid and the innumerable other bodies in the universe are fashioned out of the one great soul of Satan, which in these universal bodies has been divided into numberless compendia. The soul is divisible, and therefore also the primal soul of the primal spirit first created. From the one soul, a countless multitude of new souls are won all the time." (EM 53.9, 19-20)
    "The whole of visible creation consists merely of particles of the great spirit Lucifer who has fallen and been bound to matter, and his followers." (Hi II p. 1)
    Lucifer could not be annihilated by God "because of his eternal love and mercy", for "whatever God has brought into existence may well change its form, proceeding from one that is less noble into one that is more so or vice versa, but it can never be annihilated" (Gr II 232,7).
    It is therefore stressed again, in another passage: "Everything contained within this earth, from its center to far beyond its highest atmospheric reaches, is soul substance, and until a certain time of solution it is in a state made to be many times harder or milder, which is also why it is visible to the eye of man and perceptible in his feelings as a harder or softer form of matter. This includes for once all forms of stone, minerals, types of earth, water, air, and all matter as yet unbound within it." Added to this there is "all the plant kingdom in water and on earth, together with its transition to the animal kingdom" (Gr X 21, 1)
    "Everything that now is matter has once been spirit, having of its own free will stepped out of God's good order, founding itself in the wrong impulses and hardening within these. Matter, therefore, is nothing but a spiritual element that has been given direction and has hardened out of itself. To put it even more clearly, it is the coarsest and heaviest shell formed around the spiritual." (Gr IV 103, 4)
    "The spiritual however can ... never itself become perfect matter, but lives and has its existence in matter." (Gr IV 103, 5)
    When Jesus tried to explain the above to a Roman holding high position, the latter said, somewhat confused, that it was not so easy to understand this doctrine that was completely new to him. Jesus replied: "My dear friend, I did tell you beforehand that these things will be very difficult to encompass in their fullness' " (Gr II 230, 5)
    "An intellect that is entirely worldly ... believes in nothing that it cannot see and take hold of." (Gr IV 109, 11)
    The Roman was unable to understand this in those days. In our present age, scientists are coming very close to understanding those words spoken by Jesus, through their knowledge of atomic physics. This is clearly apparent from the words of Max Planck quoted in the chapter entitled "Materialistic Science on the Wrong Track".
    The spirit, according to Professor Planck, is the mover of force, and this agrees almost word for word with New Revelation. "Force as a thing in itself, as the learned materialists will have it, does not exist at all. The spirit is the mover of force, the one who holds together matter and thus is the main factor in the whole of life. Without spirit there is no life, without life, no matter." (LGh p. 78)
    Nature offers an analogy that may make the transformation of spirit into matter easier to understand also for a lay person. A frozen pond consists of ice, which is very hard; in spring, the ice dissolves into soft water; in the summer heat the pond dries up and the water is visible in form of a delicate cloud. The cloud, too, dissolves, into hydrogen molecules, and nothing is then visible to the eye. The following autumns and winter the whole process occurs in reverse order. Out of "nothing" apparently, a hard form of matter is again created. These progressive changes in the states of aggregation of matter border on the miraculous. Yet they seem in no way absurd to us, and we take them so much for granted that we hardly ever gave them a thought. We consider the many marvellous processes occurring in nature not worth our attention, because we see them all the time and cannot deny them, even though we are unable to grasp them. Should we assume that God's creative powers come to a stop at the point where our ability to understand reaches its limits?
    "Those who believe", New Revelation says, "will have many miraculous things revealed to them. The unbeliever is beyond help or guidance. In vain he looks into My great workshop of life with his blind eyes. I tell you: he will find nothing but the excrement of death, for life is of the spirit, and no microscope will make it possible to eavesdrop on it in its sphere of activity." (Hi I p. 94, 7)
    "And however peculiar and strange all this may sound to you, it is so nevertheless. For no one knows My ways, not even an angel in heaven, but only I alone and the true believer to whom I will impart it." (Hi I p. 94, 6)
    "That which is present there in the whole of infinity, that is from God, and fundamentally therefore wholly spiritual. It is the persistent firmness of the divine will that lets it appear as solid matter in the world. If this will were to cease holding onto a thought, not a trace would be perceptible of it to a physical eye." (Gr VI 107, 11)
    "Everything created and visible to man is spirit that has been given direction, its purpose being to pass through a long sequence of all kinds of forms and finally into a free and independent life. These forms begin with the stone and continue through the mineral kingdoms on into the plant kingdom, through the plant kingdom into the animal kingdom, and from there on to man. All these forms are vessels to receive life out of God." (Gr VI 53, 5-6)
    "Every form reflects a certain intelligence. The simpler the form, the simpler is the intelligence inherent within it and the less is there of it." (Gr VI 53, 7)
    "Every animal knows the food that is right for it and how to find it ... In the same way the spirit of the plant exactly knows the substance in the water, in the air and in the earth that will serve its own particular individuality. The spirit or nature - soul of the oak will never draw to itself the substance out of which the cedar creates its essential form and nature. And who teaches this to a plant? You see, all that is the working of the highest and most common space-life intelligence of God. From this, every plant and animal soul takes the specific intelligence necessary to it, and in its activity then follows its directions." (Gr VIII 29, 8-9)
    "The souls of both plants and animals are destined, though this of course was not known to you, in due course to become human soul themselves. For plants and animals are in My wisdom and insight useful preliminary vessels to gather and evolve the common natural life force that is present in the immeasurable space of creation, out of which your souls, too, are derived." (Gr VI 216, 1-2) It should be noted, however, that "a simple animal soul can never become a human soul" (Gr VI 165, 11). Several animal souls are united, and God then adds innumerable soul sparks, and thus every human soul is made by His hand.
    The body of an animal thus counts little, as the Lord says in New Revelation. Through progressive evolution of the animal soul, every animal on death comes closer to its goal. When an animal is eaten by another or dies, i.e., leaves its old form (the body), "it really matters little, after what has been said, what happens to that form, for this was no more than an organic and mechanical shell, well designed for the purpose of the life intelligence indwelling it. Thus it does not in the least interfere with the great plan of the Creator whether fish, for instance, are eaten by other animals or by us, and the final aim of life will inevitably be achieved nevertheless" (Gr VI 53, 9). "Everything that departs from existence always returns again to a more perfected existence, ascending to man and hence again back to Me Myself." (Ha II 124, 32)
    "Behold, all physical matter on this earth - from the hardest stone to the ether high above the clouds - is soul substance, but in a state that of necessity is directed and therefore more firm. Its purpose, however, is to return again to an unbound, purely spiritual, state of being, having achieved independence of life through this very isolation. To achieve this by means of increasingly greater independence of action, the soul made free from bound matter has to go through all possible stages of life, and at every new stage of life must also encapsulate itself again in a material body, from which it again draws to itself new life and activity substance, making this its own." (Gr VI 133, 3)
    "Life is and continues to be a struggle against all kinds of enemies, until it has of its own power gained the victory over all matter. And so you must not be at all surprised at the material enemies of life; for they are not enemies of life as such, but merely enemies of the material semblance of life that, in fact, is no real life, but merely a tool of the true, inner, spiritual soul life, through which this can work its way up, moving higher and higher, to the most true and most real freedom of life, something not possible or thinkable without this that lives with us in time.
    "God, being almightyo can of course place outside himself or create a spirit of perfect wisdom and power, and innumerable numbers of such in one moment, - but all such spirits have no independence; their will activity and their actions are but those of God himself that have to flow into them continuously, so that they have being, move and act, in accordance with the course of the divine will. They are nothing in themselves, but merely purely momentary thoughts and ideas of God. If, on the other hand, they are perhaps to become independent in course of time, they will have to go through the path of matter or the directed and thus made firm will of God, the way you have it before your eyes on this earth. With this, they will then be children of God of themselves independent, thinking for themselves, and acting out of free will. These, of course, are also always doing as God wills, but not because it has been forced upon them through the omnipotence of God, but because they recognize the same as most wise and themselves determine to act according to it, which then is of life merit to them and will at last gave them the greatest blessedness and exaltation' " (Gr VI 133, 9-11)
    "I am your origin, and to this origin all shall return, for all eternity." (Ha II 6, 31)
    "See what I am doing on account of just one presumptuous angel! I tell you, never would earth nor sun, nor anything material have been created, if this one angel had remained free from pride." (Hi I p. 66)
    "Love is the great word of all that is." (Ha II 56, 25)

   There is no other passage in New Revelation where the burning, all encompassing love of the father in heaven for his creatures is as movingly put than in the following words: "For the sake of one child I shall sacrifice thousands of millions of suns and worlds of all kinds, if I could not otherwise have it come back to me. If, however, it were a question of a child only being saved by my giving this My only eternal life for it, I would rather let this, too, go from me than lose one of My children. Can you comprehend such love?" (Ha II 251, 14, 17)
    "In the growth of My innumerable not yet perfected children, in their increasing insight and perfection, and in their actions arising from this, lies also my most sublime joy. Their pleasure at greater perfection achieved with much effort is also My pleasure." (Gr V 157, 7)

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