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The Fall of Some of the Spirits under the Leadership of Lucifer

   With regard to the fall of Lucifer - the greatest of the spirits of light - and his many followers, New Revelation says that "an exceedingly great number of the archetypal spirits ... left the path determined and well indicated by the ordinance of God and entered upon the path of what was utterly their own perdition" (Gr II 231).
    lt is emphatically stated in New Revelation that the process of salvation, God's plan of rescue, and the meaning of life for man could not be understood unless it became clear who Lucifer actually was. "This important question must be clarified before it will be possible to get the right view of creation, My descent, My passion and death."
    "Let the world hear then, wholly divested of all that is figurative, the great mystery of My plan of creation and redemption."
    When the deity had found itself, in a process of evolution that will remain a mystery to you forever, and had recognized in itself the creative and all-encompassing world-spirit, there arose within it a mighty surge, great urgency, and it spoke within itself. 'l will put my ideas outside myself, so that in them I may behold what my powers are able to achieve.' For until activity develops, the deity can only recognize itself in very small degree. lt is only in its works that it comes to realize its power more and more and take pleasure in it (just as any master of a craft needs to behold his products to perceive what lies within him, to take pleasure in it).
    "The deity thus wanted to act in creation, and further said to itself: 'Within Me lies the power of the eternities; let us therefore create a being that shall be provided with all power like unto Myself, yet so that it shall bear within it the qualities through which I can recognize Myself.' And a spirit was created that was provided with all power out of Myself, to present to the deity My powers resting within Me, so that they could be beheld." (Gr XI p. 41)
    "When I now tell you that this first created spirit was called 'Lucifer' (i.e., the light-bearer), you will now also see why he was called thus and no other. He bore within him the light of knowledge and was the first spiritual being able to recognize truly the limits of the polarities within the spirit. He, furnished with My full power, then Called others to life who were wholly alike to him, also were aware of divinity within themselves, and saw the same light of knowledge arise in themselves as he had, also were creative themselves and were furnished with all the power of My spirit." (Gr XI p. 42)
   "Lucifer, knowing well that he was to represent in himself the opposite pole to God, now thought he might bring it about to be able to absorb the deity into himself, as it were, and fell into the error, being a created and therefore finite being, of being able to take up into himself infinity; for the law also applied here that none can see God (infinity) and keep his life. "He therefore was well able to be aware of the nature of the deity, to hear its commands for as long as he was at the rightful center, yet never to see the deity in person.
    "Thus a finite being never can and never will grasp infinity and therefore on this point easily fall into error and remain within such error in its descent. And despite all warnings, Lucifer fell into the delusion that he could take up and capture the deity. With this, he left his rightful position, moved away from the center of My heart and all the time fell more and more into the wrong desire to gather about him his creatures who had come into being through him, but out of Me, to rule the spaces populated by beings of all kinds.
    "Conflict now arose, that is, a division of the parties, finally teaching the point where the power conferred upon Lucifer was withdrawa by Myself and he and his followers became powerless, deprived of creative power.
    "Inevitably the question arose: What is to be done with this host of those who are fallen and appear as dead, i.e., unable to act?
    "Only two ways showed themselves. The first was: to destroy Lucifer and his followers and then create a second Lucifer, who probably would then have fallen into the same error, as it was not possible to create a perfect spirit whom I could place outside in freedom and who therefore would not be dependent on My will. The creation of machines that have no will and do what I say was no problem. Yet if the light of self-knowledge was to be attained the way pursued so far was the only one. As however the other spirits, who had remained true to me, had also been created through, i.e., with the aid of, Lucifer, they belonged to this sphere. The sudden annihilation of Lucifer would also have meant the annihilation of all living beings." (Gr XI p. 43/44)
    "Yet how could Lucifer, whose fall had been the result merely of error and in consequence also held the potential for putting aside error, have deserved this? How could the beings who had remained faithful to me have deserved annihilation, and finally: Where would my wisdom be if I had not realized and foreseen from the beginning the possibility of a falling away, so that a repetition of the course of creation has to be ruled out? And above all things: Where would My love be, if it had not decided against annihilation, and rather sought the means, through wisdom, of reading the lost back to the light of knowledge, so that they therefore remain in the rightful balance of polar qualities?
    "Only the second way remained, therefore, which you have before you in physical creation.
    "Imagine a person who absolutely will not accept that the king of the country is a mighty ruler, the reason being that although invested with full power and authority by that king, yet he has never seen him! So he rebels against the king and wants to take his place. The king, not wanting his faithful subjects to perish, will take him, deprive him of his finery, divest him of all authority and have him thrown in a secure place, for as long as need be until he sees sense again, and will do the same to his followers. Depending on their repentance and recognition of their error, they will be released and then firmly adhere to the king who now has also shown himself to them for their eyes to see."
    "This feeble, earthly picture shows you my deed; for the incarceration represents physical creation. Yet to gain understanding you will have to continue to nurture the feelings in your soul, human intellect being too short to grab it."
    "Your soul is made up of innumerable particles, each of them representing an idea originating from Me. Once it has come together, it can become no other than it is, for it will then express the character it has been given. A crystal cannot change its nature once it has crystallized out, crystallizing as a rhombohedron, a hexahedron, an octahedron etc., depending upon which form corresponds to its essential nature, i.e., the cumulation of particles around the center of its life."
    "If a change is to be effected, because the crystals have turned out not to be entirely pure, they will have to be dissolved through warmth (love), to crystallize out anew as the warm water of love is cooling, which is equivalent to their will being released. Now beautiful new crystals are forming again, and any careful chemist will know how to achieve the most beautiful crystals possible, large and transparent, as meets his purpose."
    "You see, I am such a chemist! I dissolved the crystals that had become impure (Lucifer and his followers) in the warm waters of love, and then let these souls crystallize out again, that they might be crystal clear. You know that this happens in the ascent through the mineral and the plant kingdoms to man. As the soul of Lucifer, however, encompasses the whole of physical creation, it must also find expression in the form of man. Thus all spirit assemblies are always combined in one person who finds expression in the leader of this assembly, forming what is called a sphere. There is nothing in the physical world similar to this that would express this clearly, and therefore I say: Open up the feelings in your soul!"
    "Now you will see more clearly that Lucifer believes he has to act the way it happens, so that physical matter could have been created - an error in so far as it is not physical matter that is the final purpose of My creation, but the goal of the beings placed outside me is to gain free recognition, love and comprehension of the deity, with physical matter merely an expedient. Lucifer persisted in this second error and lost himself in the extremes of his polar qualities, deceiving himself that he had to maintain matter by this. He had been given the freedom needed to penetrate matter, i.e., to behold it within himself consciously, so that he, as the originally created spirit, might realize the suffering he had brought upon his companions, and in this way be brought to turn about. But he did not do this, wanting even more to rule as a prince of the material world, which he felt belonged to him. He therefore darkened the human crystals that were forming again, as far as possible, to maintain his principality; for the battle with God seemed great to him, sublime and sustaining life."
    "The human crystals, which also had to be made free if the aim was to be achieves, were able to incline toward him or toward Me, and indeed during life many went into his nets. Behold the heathen culture where he had himself honored as king and his polar qualities, within which there also lies great wisdom, as gods!"
    "Now the question will arise: Why did I permit such conduct? lt will remain incomprehensible unless one considers the final goal, and that is free recognition of self in God."
    "When a great leader of the people takes delight in perversities and carries his followers along with him, how does one most quickly achieve the goal of bringing the right light to them all? Surely, in that the leader of the people himself desists from his perversities; for his followers will very quickly emulate him. If, on the other hand, one tries to turn individual followers away from him, until finally he stands alone, the goal will be a long way off. For Me, it is at all times a matter of going to the core of it, and if this cannot be changed, then to take the roundabout way!"
    "During the imprisonment - think back to the image of the king now - the constant reproach was: 'If I were able to see the king, I would believe in him!', and this led to My becoming man; in the first place for those who had fallen, and secondly, to make the deity visible in person to those who had not fallen, and thus crown their faith.
    "Here lies the secret of My becoming man, that had to break through physical matter which otherwise had to grow harder and harder, if Lucifer were to lose himself more and more in the hardnesses of the opposite pole. My becoming man brought this to a halt therefore, and exactly showed the way to come away from allegiance to false gods and veneration of the polar qualities, and now also had to furnish the proof that firstly - as the highest that can be attained - death, through which men are bound to matter and its pleasures, can be overcome, and secondly, that life comes to pass not in physical matter, but in the spirit, the former being merely a prison for the latter." (Gr XI pp. 44-46)
    "The spirits who fell away, having moved away from me and taken the wrong path of their own accord, could not, or did not want, to know anything of perfection, of progress. That their way might not be completely blocked either, they had to be placed in conditions where, without prejudice to their own freedom, they are able to turn back whenever they want."

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