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The Creation of the Spirits

   The spiritual existence of mankind goes far back into the dim and distant past. It is directly connected with the fall of Lucifer. Some may consider such a message a myth, but it is not; it is a fact, and New Revelation is very definite about this. Endless aeons ago, God created myriads of spirits. Within God, too, there are "fully evolved opposite poles" without which "He might just as well have no existence as an entity". "In God, however, all polar opposites have from eternity been in the high est best order." "Wanting to create beings in His image, God had to provide them, too, with these confricting opposites that He had held and had to hold within Him from all eternity, in of course the best and more perfectly balanced relationship, in so far as otherwise He surely could never have been extant and done His work. The beings were thus made wholly in His image, and of necessity they therefore in the end also had the capacity to consolidate themselves in the struggle with the polar opposition within them that came from God." "In many beings, the opposite poles have attained a good measure according to the ordinance of God, and their state of being is therefore one of perfection." (Gr II 229)
    The time from the creation of the originally created spirits to the point in time when they were given the full use of their free will is said to be, in human terms, "almost infinite in duration" in New Revelation.

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