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Part III

Key Statements in New Revelation Concerning the Doctrine of Salvation

   According to the disclosures made by Lorber, New Revelation opens the seals on the Gospels. This revelation is to purify the message brought by Jesus which has become impure, and at the same time proclaim to man in these Final Days the true content and purport of the teaching. "That is why the Bible has been preserved, that it may gave you the most powerful proof how there everything was already recorded that was to develop step by step during later periods of time." (Pr 133)
    "This My great living gift of grace (New Revelation) is intended to be put across to the world, but not until the time when a defiled world will once again feel hunger for the food I offer. Their hunger is being prepared by the Church of Rome. How so? Because of its bad food and the turn for the worse the stomach of the soul is taking because of this food. This stomach will then shun all sustenance for a time and with this be given the rightful hunger, and thereupon reach out for My true bread of heaven with the greatest desire, to find satisfaction in it for life eternal. Behold, this is how I want it to be." (Hi II p. 275)
    That time would now appear to have come. The silent defection from the Catholic Church, the lack of interest in Sunday services and in sermons, and indifference towards the statements of the established church are well advanced. Confidence in the teachings and authority of the church is on the wane; it is progressively becoming more isolated. The Milan paper Corriere della Sera quotes the words of a Monsignore who gives the Catholic Church in its present medieval form no more than ten or fifteen years. 1
    "I have much to say to you (the readers of New Revelation) that I have withheld and not told even to the apostles." (Hi I p. 53)
    It is said emphatically that none of the wisdom and scientific disclosures to be found in the prodigious work of New Revelation come out of Lorber's own head. Lorber, it is stated, knew nothing at all about all this. "He says nothing out of himself and indeed cannot do so, as he has far less of any kind of science than any of you. It is because of this that he is a fairly useful tool to me, there being almost nothing in his head, but at times all the more in his heart. . ." (Hi I p. 174)
    Nevertheless, "the 'level-headed', the scholars and priests will do all they can to convince mankind of the opposite of what I shall (now) tell him." (Pr 167)
    New Revelation does confirm some of the traditional teaching of the church, doctrines that historical criticism have made suspect, and this may prevent wide circles of people who have fallen prey to the rationalistic and materialistic spirit of the times, from accepting this revelation. But did prophets ever concern themselves with the vagaries of the spirit of the age? The sacrilegious treatment given to the Gospels through the ages by those who falsified them in early Christian times and the destructive hermeneutics of liberal theologians is deeply disturbing. As New Revelation puts it so aptly, "It will be difficult to discover where under all the tissues of lies the pure truth once lay hidden." (Pr 222)
    "Such a way of thinking has always, since man began, been the basis on which certain people have acted, and in the present (our, author) time your learned materialists are preaching it unashamedly and finding a great public that wholly agrees with their views and applauds them." (Pr 272)
    "Now I meet these so-called strong minds with endless forbearance, and in the end we shall see if means may not also be found to heal their deafness." (Pr 325)
    The following disclosure made in New Revelation will gain increasing significance in the near future. "Now, when the time will soon come when men are asked more severely as to why they are in this world, and whether they are also aware why I came to this earth, now it is time to take away the outer shell of letter and exact word in My gospels, and to show men how beneath this seemingly hard shell there is the bright stream of divine light, so that in these Final Days they may still be able to make good their deficiencies in relation to themselves and others and thus fulfil their mission. Therefore My many definitions and explanations." (Pr 298)

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