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Lorber Describes the Dual Nature of Light

   Below, further statements from New Revelation are compared with discoveries physicists have made many decades after the time when Lorber wrote them down.
    In 1862, the English physicist Clerk Maxwell established the theoretical foundation for the existence of electromagnetic waves, on the basis of equations. H. Hertz was the first to produce and investigate rapid electromagnetic waves in experiments carried out in 1882. In 1896, G. Marconi used these to transmit information. Maxwell determined that electricity and magnetism were two forms of the same force, and some years later stated that light consisted of electromagnetic waves.
    Thirty-five years before electromagnetic waves were established, in 1850, Jakob Lorber wrote, in the book Von der Hoelle bis zum Himmel (From Hell to Heaven) vol. II, p. 480, that "light moves with electromagnetic speed." In the special discussion on light in New Revelation, which was written at a later date, it says: "Here you have in brief outline the process of light as an effect of electricity and magnetism." (SGh p. 199) "Light is an emanation, produced by rapid, indeed billionfold (US trillion, translator), vibration of the smallest atoms, within a moment." (SGh p. 158)
    Since 1925 we know, thanks to de Broglie, that light has a dual nature, depending on the processes it is subjected to. It is both corpuscular (substantial) and wave-like. New Revelation also states that light also is a form of matter. "Light is a form of matter" it says explicitly in Schoepfungsgeheimnisse (Secrets of Creation) p. 121. Modern physics has confirmed it: "Light consists of small projectiles and has mass. The photon (a light quantum or corpuscle) is a particle of matter that is extremely small but can be exactly calculated from the formula m = hv/c2 "There can be no doubt as to the essential relationship between light and mass, for both are corpuscular by nature." 106 Scientists are thus speaking of an essential relationship between light and matter, and this agrees with further statements made in New Revelation: "Matter is of the same nature as the light emanating from the sun, that appears to be as nothing in terms of matter and yet is the basic form of matter, without being one and the same with it, for all original matter is free and unfettered." (Gr VII 2099 20)
    In his Ergebnisse und Probleme der Naturwissenschaft (Achievements and Problems of Scientific Research), Bernhard Bavinks shows how modern physics is coming very close to something Medieval mystics used to maintain, that the "world consists of frozen light". 107

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