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Wide Dissemination of the New Revelation Now in These Final Days, as Predicted

   The Lorber Society in Bietigheim, Wuerttemberg, Germany, has set itself the aim to disseminate the New Revelation far and wide in These Final Days - which are clearly referred to in the New Revelation. The work states quite explicitly that "there are millions of people who are to be taken to the right Door of Light" (Pr 132). Reference is made to the need for "genuine effort of the workers (spreading the Revelation) at eventide". (Pr 66)
    The Lorber Society is a loose association of thousands of friends in the spirit. lt is not a sect, there is no membership, no subscriptions are collected, nor are religious services or rituals performed. lt is a community of spirit, knowing no coercion. Lorber friends filled with missionary spirit are entirely of their own free will giving financial support for the dissemination of the New Revelation. Practically every one of the Friends of Jakob Lorber belongs to one of the major Christian churches.
    There have been occasional sectarian elements initiated by individuals, and also tendencies towards mysticism, but following the indications given in the New Revelation, these were stopped.
    The works comprising the New Revelation are distributed by the Lorber Verlag Publishing House, D-74321 Bietigheim, Germany and 'Vitaswing, D-88709 Hagnau, Neuhauserweg 28.

   The complete works are a very large body, and this presents certain difficulties with wide dissemination. To make the religious prophesies and the warnings of disasters that are to befall mankind in the Final Days accessible to a wide readership, the author first of all published a small work entitled 'Der unbekannte Prophet Jakob Lorber - Eine Prophezeiung und Mahnung fuer die naechste Zukunft' * particularly the elucidation and additions to the Gospels, and the present, larger work has been written and compiled to meet that need.
    Comprehensive revelations are uncommon; they are made only prior to a turn of time and must be regarded as major events. lt often takes a long time for their significance and the warnings they contain to become fully accessible and accepted.
   Messages of this kind are, however, also always like a goad; this is why many refuse to accept them - as happened also to the teachings of Jesus in His own lifetime.
    In spite of this, there are numerous indications that there is more religious substance still extant than is generally assumed. The gradual, silent defection from churches that no longer serve as a leaven does not prove the opposite. - There is no doubt that many still long for revelation and for a religious truth freed from mediaeval ballast. They know intuitively that modern man is increasingly getting into a state of utter confusion and under great threat because he has lost the way and is in danger of being overcome by powers of darkness.    There can be no doubt that the fundamental struggle between Christianity and atheism, between God and His adversary, will soon reach its crucial end stage. "Brute force", Albert Schweitzer once wrote, "sits enthroned above the world, garbed in lies, more sinister than ever." 20 The degeneration now in evidence, the absence of moral and ethical values, brute force and uninhibited greed for pleasure, wanting to have more and more, with envy and hatred also growing all the time - these do not augur well.
    The New Revelation states unequivocally that mankind is on the road to disaster. "The reason why direct disclosures from Me have been more abundant for some years now than in earlier times, and why I am giving you so much of the Bread of Heaven, as has never happened since the time I walked on earth, is that now indeed the time is approaching when the world will reach the acme of aberration and of deviation from My purposes as Creator." (Pr 163)
    "My words are simple and clear, but they must be kept free of the self-love of interpreters and false exponents." (Pr 164)
    The New Revelation gives many details and warnings of the great disasters that are to befall mankind increasingly and with elemental vehemence "close on 2000 years" after the time when Jesus walked on earth. This will be discussed more fully in the final chapter of this book.

*The Unknown Prophet Jakob Lorber - A Prophesy and a Warning for the Near Future. Publ. in German by Lorber Verlag, 74321 Bietigheim, Wuerttemberg, G. 1973. English translation publ. by Valkyrie Press, St. Petersburg. FL., 1979

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